Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last week is the busiest week because a lot of things happened. Firstly, there were exams. I have to sit two exams last week, first is Chemistry on Tuesday and then Applicable Mathematics on Thursday. A day before Thursday, I have make a speech about “Bowling for Columbine”. The speech that I have made is not as good as I expected. When I going in front of the class, I was like to faint, my heart beats was very fast and the force exerted by my heart was very hard, my chest was like want to blew up. When I begin my speech, my tongue start to twist and I running out of saliva and it make me feel very difficult to talk. Nevertheless, I have to talk anyway. When I talking, I can see all my classmates look very blurred. I start to wonder whether they understand what I am talking about. I continue my speech until I have finished it.

Let’s talk about anything else. I will continue my story about the accident that had happened to. When I arrived at the field, my friends told me that the ball need to pump because it’s running out of pressure, so I quickly cycled to my home to pump the ball. Just ten meter from my house, with a great speed, I ride the bicycle going down a slope
and all of sudden……………my mum shout my name” imi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” , and then I look at my mum, while I looking at my mum, a rooster crossed in front of me and I tried to hit the rooster because I have unfinished business with the rooster. I don’t want to tell about the unfinished business, and let it as a secret forever. It was the most suitable time to hit the dammed rooster but another thing happened to me.

Something horrible has happened to me. My bicycle’s handle broke down while I was still cycling in high speed and because of that, I fell down and my face hit the ground very hard and according to Newton’ law- I forgot which one of his law whether it is first, second or third, when an object collides in a short time, it create a very large impulsive forces. As a result, my face was badly injured.

One of the injuries is broken nose and because of that my nose today is slightly bend to the left if I not mistaken. I also almost lost half of my tongue; the doctors have to make three stitches on my tongue and it made my tongue stiff for a couple of days, during the period it is very hard to me to talk and also to eat. When I eat, I cannot taste the food. Oh God. Another injury is my upper lip was cut and also almost lost some part of my lip and the doctor has made a very nice stitch in order to reduce the scar when it recovered.

I have spent two nights in hospital. It was horrible stay at hospital. I will continue my experience staying in hospital next time. I will talk about the food, the nurses that keep in charge and many other things. For those who know which Newton’s law that state about the impulsive force, please tell me.Thanks.


  1. it's the law of logarithm
    dont ask readers such an easy question!

  2. lol
    i tot it involves matrix
    n as far as chemistry is concern
    supply n demand curve have nuthing to do wif the nurse neither the nose
    ausmat has made me crazee...hohoho