Saturday, January 24, 2009

third task

First of all,i would to say sorry because i'm late to send a new post for Friday Night blog.I have no intention to make it late because last night i was on a bus going back to my hometown in Kelantan.So,i have no chance to write a new one.i'm so sorry.Talking about going back to hometown,yesterday i was in a big shock because there were a million of people and it was totally different than usual.For example in KL Sentral,before this i have to line up in just a short line in order to buy a ticket.But yesterday,there was a long line of people waiting to get their tickets and it take me about twenty minutes to buy tickets,fifteen minutes longer than usual.
That is not only a problem that me and my friends have to face yesterday.Another problem is we gonna be late for bus.We thought that our bus will depature at nine o'clock,so,we were very anxious if we missed the bus.i could not imagine what will happen to us if we miss the bus.Fortunately,we found that our bus will start a long journey to Kelantan at ten o'clock.We have a little misunderstanding about the tickets.Maybe parallax error.At the bus station(Putra bus station),it was very crowded with people who are also want to going back to their hometown especially students from easterm part of Malaysia.We were very tired and exhausted like after travelling through a desert like what was happened to Waris Dirie.We were very tired because to go to Puta bus station,we have to take a bus and it take about one and a half hour from Bandar Utama to KL Sentral and after that,we have to wait for the commuter for about another 30 minutes.We have an hour break before continue our journey to Kelantan.During the journey to my hometown,i got a backpain and could not sleep because the seat was hard like a boulder and there was a passenger that sat behind me always talking to his friend until my watch showed that it was two o'clock.We arrived
in Kelantan in the morning.
I have one week break in conjunction with Chinese New Year that is on 26 January and at the same time,there is another important event will be happened at 4.30 p.m. that is sun eclipse that happen in two hours.I never seen it before and i don't want to miss it once again.It happened once before when i was in primary school if i'm not mistaken,but at that time i still don't know anything about it,so,i just ignored it.It is one of the great events in the world.
I will not spend a whole week in my hometown but i only spend it about four to five days because i have a lot of homework to be done.Before i going back to Kelantan,i have done one of my homework that is physics that has 35 questions that waiting for answers and for now,i have to finish homework for English and Methematics.It seem that i have to read "Boy:Tles of Childhood"one more time in order to get more understanding because i have to make a review about it.Talking about English,I want to talk about my experience in acting.Me and my
friends have to choose a scene in a novel and we have to make real in drama.It was an embarassing and happy experience that i ever have in my life.I guess.I was very nervous at the first time.I make a lot of mistakes during the drama but i have to keep going and luckily,my teammates always give me enough support.Everyone in the class was laughing.
I just leave it as a memory in my life.Let's us talk about another thing.Em...what else?I think that's all for this time because i have no idea what i have to write.I don't have any comment about the Palestinian at this moment because they are peaced at this moment.But i think,the ceasefire will not last longer.That's all.Thank you very much more your time reading my blog.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another week has come to the end.In this year,this is week second for me studying in Kbu college and I have nine months and two weeks more to finished my course that is AUSMAT-a course that never know before.Now,slowly I can feel the heat of AUSMAT like one of my senior said to me.There will be a plenty of homework,assignments and many other things.Before this,I don’t believe what that senior told,and now I completely believe what he said.
After I read through the course outlines for all five subjects,I can feel the tense that I will have to face after this.Talking about the subjects,although there are only five subjects,but all of them are very challenging because to determine either I pass or failed,the evaluating system is not mainly focused on external final exam but internal exam and also the course works.All this things make me stress and lost interest to study.But there is no turning back,I have to keep on.
Probably in this weekend,I have no chance to relax and sleep until noon that is one of my favourite activities during holiday because of a pile of homeworks.I have three homeworks that have to be finished this weekend-chemistry,physics and EALD.Whether I like it or not this is one of the responsibilities as a student.There is no use if I keep complaining because I know it is for my own future.Unfortunately,i don’t have this kind of awareness in my soul right now.So,for tonight,I just want to take some rest and forget everything about homework.Maybe,I want to play futsal with my friends tonight.
I think that’s enough talking about all these things because it make me tension and my head like want to blow up thinking about it.Let I change the topic.Now I want to talk about holiday.Last holiday that I ever went together with my family is when I was in Form one.We all went to Pulau Langkawi.Plus my uncle and my whole family,we are eleven members all together.We rented you a van and travelled from Kelantan to Perlis and it take ten hours.It is a very tiring journey.After we arrived at Pulau Langkawi,we rented a room in 3 stars hotel.Try you imagine,how eleven people stay in one room that is only for two people.It is very hectic like a traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur.Sometimes,we have to line up in order to use the toilet.It is very fun holiday because we had opportunities to visit a lot interesting places like Mahsuri Tomb,Telaga Tujuh waterfall and many more.It is an exhilarating moment for us especially for the kids.
Based on my holiday,I proud to live in Malaysia because it is a peaceful country and I have a lot of chances to travel and spent a quality time with my family.But something different happening in other countries like in Palestine.Everyday,we in Malaysia,we can hear people laughing and various kind of music and also delicious food but in their country,what they will hear in their daily life is people crying because of the death of their family members and they also will hear sound of bomb explosion.What make the situation more worsen is the world community just see their situation like people watching a movie.They will criticize that movie,then after the is finished,nothing happen.People get out from the cinema and begin to have a conversation about another topic.
That’s all for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

first task.

First of all,I want to acknowledge to you all that I’m a new blogger.To begin with,I would like to introduce myself.My name is Mohamad Rahimi Bin Mohd Sukeri.I’m from eastern part of Malaysia that is Kelantan.A state that is familiar with ‘Nasi Kerabu’.Sadly to say that flood is happening right now in Kelantan.But never mind.It is a natural calamity that we cannot control at all.I’m a pure science student when I was in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota(just an ordinary school).I think that’s all about myself.If I have time,I will continue about it next time.
Next,I’m going to talk about my family.I consider my family as a very big family because it consists of eleven members.Is it big right?My father work as a technician assistant at a government institution in Kota Bharu for about 20 years.What about my mother?She is a full-time housewife.But I don’t call her job as a housewife but as an domestic engineer because she responsibled to manage all domestic matters in our house.I have a brother,two sisters and two younger brothers and two younger sisters.
Ehm…….What else should I write?Well,since I don’t have any interesting idea,I will continue to write about my siblings.I want to start with my brother,Syaharuddin.Now,he is working as a quality inspector in medical factory also in Kota Bharu.Both of my sisters still studying in university.One study in MARA University of Tecgnology and another one studying in Malaysia University of Technology.Next,all my younger siblings are studying ini school.
I think that’s enough about my family.
I want continue to talk about my hobbies and weekend activities.About my hobbies,painting and playing computers games is my favourite hobbies for indoor.For outdoor,I like to play badminton and of course football,the number one sport in the world and in my opinion,it is a compulsory sport for man.During weekend,usually I love to hang out with my friends especially at night about 9 o’clock until midnight in order to release the tension after studying hours and hours in college and also it is an opportunity to get some entertainment and have a conversation about something different than about our studies.One more thing I like to do is sleep until noon.However,I don’t think that I can do these activities anymore this year because a have a lot of assignments to working out.For instance,I have to write a blog once a week.
Finally,I would like to touch a little bit about the current issue that is a war between the Palestines and the Israel regime since it become the headlines in every newspapers and news. .In my opinion,it is useless effort if we continue to depend on United Nation because obviously we can see that UN is powerless and under controlled by United States and most of its members are from Israel.Next,other nations did not learnt from the previous experience.How many resolutions that have been made but no one of it,is functioning.Sometimes,USA will use its veto power to cancel the resolutions especially when it give effect to their importance.Our fomer Prime Minister suggested that we must boycott the product from Israel and the USA and band the uses of dollar in any business but change it to dinnar.I think his suggestion is effective to reduce their power.It probably give a lot of effects to us,but we have to learn and adapt to the new environment that is without the influence of USA.I believe that we can srand on our on feet.
It’s quite boring right?.Anyway,I will try to improve it vext time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


trying new blog