Saturday, February 21, 2009


A week by week has come to the end. I have been here in Bandar Utama for about seven weeks in this year doing a preparatory course at college of Bandar Utama - a small college that only has one main building. As a result, there is a difficulty to get a class if we want to do a replacement class. I wonder when the college will expend their facilities. Nevertheless, I have to go to this college no matter what in order to complete my course. Everyday, I walk to the college; it takes about 15 minutes and another 15 minutes going back to student house. On the way to the college, I always shocked by a dog. In this week, there is nothing special happened, I just go to college and bring back homework.

I think if I keep writing about my life in college, I will fall sleep at any moment. Let talks about my past experiences. One of my past experiences is when I involved in an accident that has happened when I was in form one – five years before. It is a terrible accident. In a nice morning, I went to a football field by bicycle – my sister bicycle. When I arrived at the field, my friends told me that the ball need to pump because it’s running out of pressure, so I quickly cycled to my home to pump the ball. Just ten meter from my house, with a great speed, I ride the bicycle going down a slope and all of sudden……………

Next week I will continue my story. Now I want to write about a skill that I get from a program that has been produced by Microsoft. From this software I have an ability to fly an airplane. This software is called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Through this software I learned how to handle the airplane. I have successfully passed the test carried out by the software and I got a certificate that acknowledges me as private pilot. The entire instrument that showed in the cockpit functioned like the real one. One of the instruments is called as altimeter that indicates the altitude and another instrument is called as flaps that have a function to create air resistant during landing and takeoff.

Last night, I helped one of my friends how to fly an airplane called Cessna C172SP Skyhawk. It is just a light aircraft that have simple instruments. I act as a co-pilot and he is the main pilot. We takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and will make a full stop landing at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Subang. It takes about 30 minutes. He successfully landed the aircraft at the runway. I think it is one of fun things to do in order to release our stress.

Next week, I have physics and economics exam, so I think I should stop right here because I have not study anything yet. It is important exams because the marks will take into AUSMAT account for internal course work. That’s all for today.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First week of February has come to the end.This is another dull week.Why do I said that??because nothing happened that can give an excitement for me except last night event.One of my friends celebrated his birthday,now he is 19 years old.He held a birthday party at a student house and it was a exhilarating event.During the celebration,we have a game after we had a meals.The game make nervous because we have to do something unpredictable.One will play a music and there is a box that is full with task that have to be done by someone who get the box when the music stopped.One of my friends get out from the house pretending someone was calling him in order to escape from the game.After he left the house,I felt very frustrated and sad due to his action because he left me behind.He should took me with him.

Nevertheless,I have to find an idea how to break away from from the ridiculous game.Maybe god want to save me at that time because he gave me an idea to getaway from the game.I sent a message to my sister told her to make a phone call to me,so I will have a chance to leave the living room to answer the call,and then I will run away.After running away from the party,I joined my friend that ran away before me at my friend house,Umar(not real name).I very regret not to join my friend at home watching a television program about to find a people who have a great sense of humour.

That event help me a lot in make me happy because couple days before I was bothered by my mother’s health.I was in shocked when I got message from my sister.She told me that my mother was in hospital.My mother never been in hospital before unless she had a really bad physical condition.Doctor can not detect what problem that my mother has.The doctor make a blood pressure examination but he found that the blood pressure is normal.This week only,my mother had went to hospital for two times.Thanks god that her condition is going well today and I hope everything is going to be alright.

This is the fifth time I writing for my blog and I found that it is a hard thing when I don’t have any idea to put in my writing.Nevertheless,I have to keep writing once a week because it is a part of EALD subject.Talking about EALD,couple of days before,my friend and I was told to prepare a book review in collage form.We managed to finish it but it was just a simple one because we don’t even know that our EALD teacher will take mark.Oh God!

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my head is going to blow up thinking what I do have to write after this.The world is experiencing economy recession at the moment and thousand of workers are going to lose their job.I hope that the government will not reduced my scholarship due to current economy activitiy.Talking about economy,it remind me to something,………….it is my economics homework.I end my writing at this point in order to give time to work on the homework.That’s all.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009.This is the last day of my holiday.Tomorrow,the class will start again after one week break.One week is like one day to me because…………..i don’t know why.I think maybe some of you feel the same thing like me and of course you know what the the reason is.If you have different feeling,I can conclude that you different humankind.

I have been here in student house since Friday.I decided to come here early because I have homework to do.When I at home together with my family,I didn’t touch my homework at all.The position of my bag when I was at home in the first day during the holiday didn’t change until I want to go back to college again. I hope that my decision to be here early will help me to finish all my homework but the result is really disappointing because the situation is just same like when I was in my hometown.As a result,I regret very much.Next holiday will be in June.It is a long period of waiting.Waiting is a misery.Our life is full with agony because we cannot escape from waiting.

In order to make this writing is longer.I want to write about what had happened to me last two weeks that is the last week before holiday.I was chased by a dog two times in a week.The SAME dog.I think I don’t have any unfinished business with him.Maybe he think that he brave enough to fight with me.When I met him when I was going back from college,he tried to chase me,so,before he chased me,I quickly ran away from him.When I away ran doesn’t mean I’m lost.I just don’t want to make a chaos.If i have a fight with him,sure he will injured and I will die because he has a dangerous disease.Usually I only take ten to fifteen minutes to arrived at college,but in order to avoid from meet with the dog,I take about 30 minutes.

AHH!!!!!!!!!I’M BLANK!i don’t know what I have to write.Talking about the dog.The owner should responsible to their dog because it can cause a big problem to others.I happy living in the student house because it’s big and better than in hostel in Centrepoint but what I hate most about this residential area is dog’s droppings.I can found it everywhere.So to dog owner please take this as a serious issue.You are willing to buy a dog for thousand rinngit,so,you also do the same thing to your dog’s dropping.Sorry if I writing a nonsense thing because I don’t have idea.

I think I should stop right here before I continue writing something that is more ridiculous.Besides that,I have more unfinished homework to be done.So thank you for those who reading my blog and for those who are not reading my blog,keep reading others’ blog because reading is good for your mind.