Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is it make it is so hard for us to talk to each other.

What is it that make it is so hard for us to talk to each other? This is one of the questions that I have to, answer tonight. Well, in my opinion, lack of confidence is one of the thousand reasons that make us difficult to talk to each other. Sometimes we feel very shy to face someone especially people that we don’t know at all or even to see the face when we talk. We also afraid to make mistake that is maybe what we will talk give them wrong perceptions and sometimes we don’t want them to think badly about us. In movie entitled “A thousand years of good prayers” we can see Mr. Shi has a confidence to talk to Madam although his English is bad.
Another reason that shields us to talk to each other is one side communication. I order to create a good conversation both party should take part. When one party refused to talk our conversation will fail even we have a lot of good topics.
Third reason is generational gap. This is because different generations have different interest. Who want to talk to a people who have different interest? Maybe they look like they listen to what we talk but it just to show their respect to us. Especially in eastern culture where it is seem to be rude if we don’t hear what our parents or people who are older than us.
Next reason is crashes of opinion. This is what happens to Yilan and her father. Her father thought that she is not happy with her life but she is, and this is what makes Yilan give a cold treat to her father. Yilan also try to escape from having a conversation with her father in order not to hurt each other feelings.
What about emotional war? This is always happen in many of us. What we have to do is find a correct people to express our feelings. We also have to brave and believe in ourselves to give our opinion and voice out what we think. Many people do not have these criteria and hence tend to keep quite.

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