Saturday, February 21, 2009


A week by week has come to the end. I have been here in Bandar Utama for about seven weeks in this year doing a preparatory course at college of Bandar Utama - a small college that only has one main building. As a result, there is a difficulty to get a class if we want to do a replacement class. I wonder when the college will expend their facilities. Nevertheless, I have to go to this college no matter what in order to complete my course. Everyday, I walk to the college; it takes about 15 minutes and another 15 minutes going back to student house. On the way to the college, I always shocked by a dog. In this week, there is nothing special happened, I just go to college and bring back homework.

I think if I keep writing about my life in college, I will fall sleep at any moment. Let talks about my past experiences. One of my past experiences is when I involved in an accident that has happened when I was in form one – five years before. It is a terrible accident. In a nice morning, I went to a football field by bicycle – my sister bicycle. When I arrived at the field, my friends told me that the ball need to pump because it’s running out of pressure, so I quickly cycled to my home to pump the ball. Just ten meter from my house, with a great speed, I ride the bicycle going down a slope and all of sudden……………

Next week I will continue my story. Now I want to write about a skill that I get from a program that has been produced by Microsoft. From this software I have an ability to fly an airplane. This software is called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Through this software I learned how to handle the airplane. I have successfully passed the test carried out by the software and I got a certificate that acknowledges me as private pilot. The entire instrument that showed in the cockpit functioned like the real one. One of the instruments is called as altimeter that indicates the altitude and another instrument is called as flaps that have a function to create air resistant during landing and takeoff.

Last night, I helped one of my friends how to fly an airplane called Cessna C172SP Skyhawk. It is just a light aircraft that have simple instruments. I act as a co-pilot and he is the main pilot. We takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and will make a full stop landing at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Subang. It takes about 30 minutes. He successfully landed the aircraft at the runway. I think it is one of fun things to do in order to release our stress.

Next week, I have physics and economics exam, so I think I should stop right here because I have not study anything yet. It is important exams because the marks will take into AUSMAT account for internal course work. That’s all for today.


  1. i wonder who da main pilot is
    so confident n reliable
    but y dun u continue da accident story
    i m dying to know wat happen next
    update a s a p pls..

  2. hahahahah...
    no wonder fadli call you a pilot...